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Join us for our 125th anniversary on Sunday October 29th.    See you in church on Sunday!    Welcome to the Crowders Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Website


2017 Diaconate

Cavan Hoose                                           Chairman
Bob Grigg                                                Vice Chairman
Sarah Boyd                                              Secretary
Barbara Moses                                       Assistant Secretary
Matt Grigg                                              Building and Grounds                      .
Mike Mauney                                          Finance                                               

Class of 2017                             Class of 2018              Class of 2019
Sarah Boyd                                  Matt Grigg                         Bob Grigg
Mike Mauney                              Cavan Hoose                     Josh Grigg
Barbara Moses                           Wayne McAllister             Julie Millar
Andy Welborn                            Chris Wiker                       Karen Elliotte

Church Van Drivers
Vacant             Jan. Apr. Jul. Oct.
Matt Grigg      Feb. May Aug. Nov.
Bob Grigg       Mar. Jun. Sep. Dec.

Approved Van Drivers: Cathy Best, Marilyn Brooks, David Brooks, Rob Elliotte, Dana Fowler, Stuart Fowler, Bob Grigg, Matt Grigg, Cavin Hoose, Kelly Houge, Julie Millar, Chris Oates, Douglas Roach

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