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Welcome to the Crowders Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Website.

Staff and Session

2018 Church Staff
Rev. Stuart Fowler           Pastor
Melissa Holbrooks           Secretary
Marilyn Brooks                Custodian
Melissa Jackson               Pianist
David Jackson                  Choir Director

2018 Session 
Rev. Stuart Fowler               Moderator
Mike Moses                           Vice Moderator
Rob Elliotte,                         Clerk of Session
Gene Jones,                          Chairman, Worship Committee
Chris Wiker,                        Chairman, Missions Committee
Mike Moses                         Chairman, Outreach Committee
Tommy Davidson              Chairman, Christian Education Committee
Rick Oates                           Chairman, Bonclarken Committee
David Styers                        Chairman, Safety Committee
Mike Moses                          Chairman, Social Concerns Committee
Rob Elliotte                         Historical Committee

2018                               2019                       2020            
 Gene Jones               Tommy Davidson      David Styers

David Jackson          Rick Oates                   Chris Wiker 

 Mike Moses

Rob Elliotte

Congregational Officers
Congregational Chairman       Doug Roach
Treasurer                                   Cavan Hoose
Asst Treasurer                           Carolyn Champion

Church Trustees
      2018                                2020.                  2022
       Robert Love                Mike Ferguson       Mike Moses

Permanent Cemetery Committee
Rick Oates,    Rob Elliotte,     Mike Moses,      Bob Grigg

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